Social added value: simply better together

As a property developer, everything we do automatically has a social impact. It is a matter close to our hearts to honour this special responsibility in a positive way. This means that we build affordable housing that meets demand. We develop residential districts so that they are liveable for all generations. We create real added value not only for our customers, but also for the existing neighbourhoods and the cities and municipalities in which we operate. Always together - with our clients, neighbours, partners and employees.
Our corporate culture, our sustainability strategy - everything is geared towards this goal. We have also committed our employees and partners to this goal. Because even if we are already setting standards today: We can always improve. Incidentally – also on the inside.  This is why we work in line with the Charter of Diversity and consciously cultivate a non-discriminatory culture of cooperation based on our management principles of trust, appreciation and authenticity.


of our flats are price-controlled, subsidised or cost-optimised according to our nyoo concept


child daycare places are being created in our ongoing projects

7,3 Jahre

average period of employment

„We not only assess our investments economically, but also always consider the social impact of our planned activities for the neighbourhoods and urban society as a whole using a comprehensive scoring model: comprehensible and transparent. With a clear cost-benefit analysis. If we can be a role model for our  sector - you bet, we'd love to be!”
Andreas Gräf COO Instone Group

Added value for the people in the residential quarter - and the neighbourhood

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Added value for cities and municipalites

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Added value for employees and partners

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Did you already know that we …

organise a "Social Day" every year for the good of the local community?

In all our branches, one day a year is dedicated to a social campaign in which the whole team gets involved - from collecting rubbish to renovating day-care centres.

always explore the possibility of practical interim utilisation concepts on our undeveloped land plots.

In this way, we create added value for the neighbouring communities and society.