Ecological sustainability: Building sustainably better

Environmental sustainability has become increasingly relevant in recent years - and for good reason. This is especially true in the real estate and property sector. For us, it has long been a fundamental principle. As part of our climate strategy, we consider all emissions over the entire life cycle of a building: before, during and after use. Which aspects are most relevant for us? We use a materiality analysis to determine this, where we actively involve all stakeholders. In this way, we catalogue the potential impact of our activities on the environment and reduce this accordingly on an ongoing basis. Through small and large measures. We have significantly intensified our efforts to determine our greenhouse gas footprint in recent years and have set ourselves the goal of achieving climate neutrality for all our activities by 2045 - scientifically certified by the recognised Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

In order to actively shape a sustainable future, we are actively developing the sustainability topic in internal working groups. With the highest demands on ourselves. And with a broad range of topics on the agenda. We also review all revenue-relevant projects for EU taxonomy compliance - including the assessment of their physical climate risks coupled with a continuous expansion of our data collection. We are also a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF).

Klimaneutral entlang der Wertschöpfungskette

we want to be climate-neutral along our entire value chain

EU-konforme Umsatzerlöse

of our properties achieve NZEB -10%, i.e. correspond to the maximum energy consumption of a taxonomy-compliant building

Objekte entsprechen dem maximalen Energieverbrauch eines taxonomiekonformen Gebäudes

of our sales are already EU-taxonomy compliant

„"Our aim is to treat the environment and scarce resources as responsibly as possible. We are constantly working on innovative solutions to improve our carbon footprint - both in the construction phases and in the utilisation of our residential projects. Because we are well aware of our unique responsibility as a leading company in the building sector."”
Kruno Crepulja CEO Instone Group

Building sustainably

Building sustainably means breaking new ground. This is exactly what we are doing: with our "Sustainable Building" working group.

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Sustainable building materials

What would a world look like if we were to build only using sustainable materials? We are working towards this vision of the future.

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Sustainable energy and mobility solutions

Renewable energies are an important component of a more sustainable future. As property developers, we are literally helping to build this future.

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Did you know that we already …

cover 60% of the energy supply in the Westville project from waste heat?

The residential district in Frankfurt's “Gallusviertel” - with an annual requirement of 4,000 MWh - is supplied with at least 60% of its energy from waste heat from the nearby data centre.

can save 20% greenhouse gases with a new ready-mix concrete.

For our “Friedenauer Höhe” project in Berlin, we were able to obtain the first approval for a new, resource-saving and more climate-friendly ready-mix concrete