Creating attractive and affordable living space for many people requires more than one approach. The Instone Group therefore relies on two complementary business models in order to constantly develop new ideas for a good life.

Instone Real Estate holistic development of residential quarters

At Instone Real Estate, we create holistic residential quarters in German metropolitan areas. This is where we create living spaces that generate significant social and ecological added value - for our clients and the existing neighbourhoods. Individually planned, to optimally complement existing structures and urban development plans. As the foundation for long-lasting, liveable communities.

„"We want to put even greater focus on the impact on the community and the environment in our project developments and at the same time enable the breakthrough of modular planned and built housing."”
Kruno Crepulja CEO Instone Group

nyoo by Instone innovative product and project development

Under our nyoo by Instone brand, we are working on particularly innovative product ideas for the future of living that can be put into serial production. We are completely rethinking products, processes and production. Standardised and optimised. Functional and digital. Using a smart modular principle, we can efficiently create needs-based living space. From a single source and with full cost, time and quality guarantees.

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