Corporate Governance:
Doing the right thing by conviction

Responsible corporate management - or "good corporate governance" - benefitting all our internal and external stakeholders is a core value for us. And it is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Transparency and integrity, clear management structures, effective risk management and strict adherence to legal and internal company requirements (compliance) are second nature to us. Through open communication, compliance with all relevant reporting standards and active stakeholder management, we build trust and foster constructive cooperation.

We assume responsibility for the environment and society and integrate sustainability principles into all our decisions, processes and projects. Our aim is to create long-term value that enriches the lives of our customers and strengthens the community in the long term. Of course, this also includes protecting human rights and promoting diversity in line with the key aspects of the Charter of Diversity.

We are, for example, a member of the ICG Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Property Industry, the German Investor Relations Association (DIRK) and the German Institute for Compliance (DICO), all of which demonstrate our commitment to compliance.


of women in our team

25 %

of short-term variable Management Board remuneration can be tied to ESG targets and 30% of long-term variable Management Board remuneration must be tied to ESG targets at Instone


confirmed compliance cases due to a strict "zero tolerance" policy

„We are an invaluable partner for all our stakeholders. We are transparent, communicate openly and extensively and are approachable across all levels of the company.”
David Dreyfus, CFO Instone Group

Maximum process quality

Our process quality is crucial in ensuring that we achieve our ambitious goals. It maximises our efficiency and facilitates transparent accountability. It allows us to make fair, consistent, comprehensible and evidence-based decisions.

For us, this primarily concerns our value creation processes - from acquisition to aftersales - which we are constantly optimising. For example, we use beeboard, an innovative tool for lean management and process maps. This provides clear guidance for our employees and ensures consistently high quality.

Highest reporting standards

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a directive of the European Union. It deals with corporate sustainability reporting. We also use it as a basis for our reporting - voluntarily, as we are not yet legally obliged to do so. We already voluntarily conduct an audit in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB). To create maximum transparency for our investors and stakeholders. And because we have nothing to hide. On the contrary.

We are also working intensively on further standardising our digital data collection and processing of key sustainability figures to provide the best possible quality reporting. This is also because these key figures are used for our investment decisions and sales approvals. This enables us to make data-driven (project) decisions while ensuring that our business practices are in line with our sustainability objectives.

Our policies

Our good reputation is our most valuable asset. That's why we do everything we can to protect and preserve it. "We" means all employees and partners. After all, this requires a joint effort. Every day anew. To ensure that everyone knows how to do the right thing and act in accordance with the law, we follow clear legal and internal company guidelines and procedures. We have summarised our basic values of lawful and ethical conduct in a Group-wide Code of Conduct. There is also a specific Code of Conduct for contractual partners that our subcontractors must adhere to. In addition, specific company policies regulate, for example, the protection of human rights, as well as issues such as bribery and cybersecurity.

Data Protection Policy
Money Laundering & Compliance Policy – business partners
Compliance Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Environmental Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Tax Policy
Clawback Policy
Cybersecurity Policy
Green Procurement Policy
Declaration on respect for human rights, diversity and freedom of association

Our Whistleblower system

The aim of our Code of Conduct and supplementary policies is to ensure that the behaviour of our employees, service providers and contractual partners complies with the law. Nevertheless, it is possible that we too may violate the law or breach our duties. In such cases, it is important that we can respond appropriately. Whistleblowers are often crucial in bringing potential breaches of rules or laws to light. We have therefore established a system that enables whistleblowers to report such misconduct by our employees or partners.

There are two ways of doing this: by e-mail ( or via the online information system [Link]. If you have any comments for us, please make sure that your descriptions can also be understood by non-specialists.

We protect the anonymity of whistleblowers. And enable confidential investigations, a fair investigation and efficient and protected processes. In 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, there were no corroborated reports submitted via the various channels of our whistleblower system.

Further information on corporate governance at Instone can be found in our Investor Relations section.